In scarce markets it is increasingly difficult to gain the right employees. Develop your own strategy and act accordingly in recruiting, talent management and personnel work.

In our workshops we provide you with methods and work together on your custom-designed concept that fits your company.


Workshop Recruiting

Is your recruiting process efficient? Do you use your budget for the right targets? We show you why the analysis of your recruiting success pays off, which aspects require optimization and how a human capital management system can help you.

Analysis of the present requirement and existing processes

Definition and selection of the right recruiting channels

Definition of requirement profiles and job descriptions

Alignment of human resources and departments

Building an innovative career site

Boosting of employer branding and candidate experience

Transparent recruitment process and active communication

Link candidates until their starting day and effective onboarding processes


Workshop talent management

Are you familiar with the talents and skills of your employees? And do you make full use of their potential? To make full use of the existing potiential and talents of your employees they have to be known. Get to know how you identify, develop and link your employees in the long term.

Determination of the existing skills and potentials of your work force (current and target states) to serve as basis for further evaluation

Creation of a company-customized competence model

Identify and close competence gaps

Development of strategic talentpools

Prioritize fields of action and deduction of a roadmap


Workshop skill management

Knowledge of what is searched for, is the basis of efficiant personnel work. That starts with clearly defined and skill based requirements and job ads and ends with the competence assessment of your employees, talents and candidates. In this workshop you will get to know how a skill management customized to your needs, can unlock potentials, enables an early and accurate planning and reduce costs.

Definition of roles and competence profiles („Must haves“ and „Nice to haves“)

Self-assessment and external assessment of skills through employees

Assessment and qualification by management

Introduction of trainings and PD measures

Identify and utilize potentials to avoid cost-intensive recruiting measures

Early and accurate planning of emerging needs (because of dispatches, sabbaticals, parental leave, etc.)

Effective succession planning


Workshop personnel development

In this workshop sort out questions like: how does the digitalization affect personnel development? How can a intelligent talent- and skill management increase the effectiveness of your PD measures?

Knowing potentials of your employees in the process of digitalization

Actual competences as point of departure for your training

Targeted competences aimed at in the develpement of skills

Definition of planned training measures in a „blended approach“

Results of training measures are validated, auditing the target achievements

Providing stustainability